Mihály Zsidákovics

A few words about me


I was born in Hungary, in 1948. I have met the fine art thanks to the comic strips relatively soon, being still a young boy. When I was 8-10 years old, I obtained my first comics magazine of the Franch Vaillant that made a big impression on me. My dream was to be a famous cartoonist. I was supported by Tamás Rédey, the well-know sculptor and teacher of drawing who helped me to find my attraction in the fine arts. I drew a lot especially landscapes with charcoal and I got know also the sculpture throgh the statuettes. I won a price with a little statue at a Centenary Exhibition. I tried myself with oil painting as well. When I was 20, I partecipated at different exhibitions as decorator and organizer in some Hungarian towns.


Then I changed my way however the love towards the fine arts remained. After many years of pause I have begun painting again. By this time I’m looking forward to finding my short way that I could still pass through. I like to experiment and explore new things. Nowadays, I like painting with oil, I’m trying several techniques and I would like to keep on trying as much as possible. I should not put my work of arts into strict limits. I also like drawing, which was influenced by my past experiences in drawing with coal.


I established the community of Network of Amateur Painters, which is a self-powered and self-motivated community without any external sources and contributions. We have about 1600 members, being the one of the biggest online community in Hungary in the field of art and we are continuously growing. I’m dedicated to make the amateur arts more and more popular. I organized a lot of events where the amateur painters could present themselfes and their arts. We made the biggest amateur exhibition with more than 250 paintings of 120 painters in Karinty Saloon in 2009. An exibition was held for our younger amateurs in Metropolitan Community Center in Budapest and a small exibition in the Community Center Rózsa, at Art Fest and in Allee Commercial Center. I was invited to some exhibitions at Verőce, in the Danube Bend. I’m going to be charged with setting a future International Workshop and Exhibition at Verőce. I was requested to fix and to supervise a Paint Art Camp at Pálapátfalva in Transilvania in May 2012, 2013,2014. In these days I’m working on staging more exhibitions and to create an Art Center called Mini Art Galery ( MAG).

The salon Kartinthy the "hundreds of new Buda" (2012th július3-27) (67 exhibitors) was show up to 100 images, by invitation from our community.
Recent national exhibition was on display in our gallery on the Harmony 100 Painter 100 images.


Budapest, 2014

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